“Dance is like love. It’s not about transaction. Dance and love are about transformation.”
– DanceUSA

About Us

Dansereye is a local non-profit that offers an authentic & approachable dance experience for the community. We choreograph world-class entertainment and offer an intimate place where people from all walks of life can come together to escape the ordinary busy-ness of daily life.  Set amidst the rolling hills of Litchfield County, you’re invited to explore the extraordinary  we discover along the way.

Our History & Legacy

Founded in 1947 as a non-profit organization, the Mountain Lake Camp and Conference Center tended  to the mind, body and spirit of the countless individuals who attended its programs. Dansereye  continues where that mission left off as a retreat center for ballet artists to create exceptional work in a  life-affirming environment, immersed in nature.

Our Values

We believe that dance can be profound, but that it should never be pedantic. We believe that dance can  and should be entertaining without being shallow or trendy. 

We encourage a balance between a genuine reverence for classical ballet ~ its roots, traditions and  vocabulary ~ with a robust and healthy irreverence for archaic attitudes and the status quo.

Our Vision

We strive to never take it for granted how fortunate we are to practice our craft and to share our  passion with the community. 

Our greatest fulfillment comes from new audience members who fall in love with ballet. Grateful for the  enthusiasm of seasoned ballet aficionados, we are honored and humbled by those for whom Dansereye  is their introduction to the power dance has to enrich our world and to unite us.

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