Summer Residency

Dance in Harmony with Nature

Dansereye cultivates a collaborative approach that allows dancers to continue working during the off-season from their respective professional affiliations, selected from leading dance companies from  across the country. Artists are afforded time and space to retool their technical skills through  comprehensive training sessions, personalized coaching, cross-training, and through interactive work  practices. 

Each cohort of professional dancers assembles in tranquil Litchfield County, Connecticut to produce and document new work and to revive notable existing works to be performed, curated and filmed. 

Our Ultimate Goal?

Create a retreat for extraordinarily gifted artists to renew, revitalize and restore their bodies, minds and souls.

The Dansereye Spirit


The Residency is an opportunity to restore balance in your life, to recalibrate your goals and aspirations through the restorative power of nature. It gives new meaning to the expression:
working the land.


Ample free time allows for personal development, growth and healing. Dancers have space to mindfully inhabit their interior lives. The picturesque landscapes and historic villages of New England provide opportunity for dancers to explore the physical world in imaginative and restorative ways.


Dancers have the opportunity to teach company class on a rotating  basis. A collaborative and congenial work environment accords each individual respect and freedom to empower their unique voices, thereby informing the overall creative process.